Think about the last time you came to a new place and were greeted with a big smile. It made you feel welcome and hopefully put you more at ease in new surroundings, or it made you feel at home if you were returning for another visit. Well, those are exactly the aims of the Dallas Summer Musicals Ambassadors: to make all visitors feel welcome and to put smiles on their faces. We also feel that volunteering enhances you own viewing experience.

The requirements for a DSM Ambassador are simple: enjoy meeting people and taking the initiative to welcome patrons as they come through the doors, maybe for the first time. Because DSM is an Arts organization, you also need to enjoy and appreciate the performing arts, primarily the musicals that play during the DSM season. Like other volunteers, you will wear a uniform vest. What sets DSM Ambassadors apart from other theater volunteers are the signs that we carry before and after each performance and during intermission, like the ones you see on the left. If a patron needs information, they can spot a DSM Ambassador sign down the hall! You are certain to get smiles in return for your efforts.

The job of an Ambassador is different from an usher or a ticket taker. DSM Ambassadors stand in the ticket lobby at the Welcome Desk to greet patrons who enter the Music Hall and answer questions that patrons have about DSM, the venue or the show. DSM Ambassadors refer patrons to DSM or Music Hall staff to resolve problems. It is reassuring to know that there is a whole team available to resolve any question or any emergency that may arise. The DSM Ambassador Program is new and growing; we invite you to join as the program continues to grow. If you would like to read a little more about what the DSM Ambassadors do or the kind of questions that come up, you can download the DSM Ambassador brochure below. For any further questions, please email the DSM Ambassador Leadership Team.

As a “Thank you!” for your service, you get close parking in the staff lot and a seat to the show that you are working that day, when available. Aside from a cheerful and helpful personality, you will need to download and fill out the application linked below and follow the directions to submit it electronically or by mail to the Dallas Summer Musicals office. Once you have completed the process, you will be invited to DSM Ambassador Training, which covers building orientation, scope of responsibilities, and customer service skills. We look forward to working—and smiling—with you!

DSM Ambassador Requirement Image DSM Ambassador Requirement Image DSM Ambassador Requirement Image DSM Ambassador Requirement Image