Our theatre has an extensive program of community services, including:

• Sign-interpreted performances available by request. (see below)
• Wheelchair seating
• Audio description

To view a seat map of the accessibility seating, click here.


The theatre permits barrier-free access for patrons using wheelchairs or walkers. On-grade entrances, elevators, railings, and wide doorways are used for your convenience.


Designated parking spaces are conveniently located in the lot between the Music Hall and the African American Museum, and accessible restroom facilities are available on the first level. The orchestra section has integrated seating for patrons in wheelchairs.


Please note: A limited number of wheelchairs are available for loan, free of charge. For all Special Needs, please inquire by contacting The Box Office by calling 214-691-7200 x0. To view a seat map of the accessibility seating, click here.


DSM is excited to offer listening assitance for the following items: HEADSETS, T-LOOP, FM LISTENING DEVICES, ‘CLASSROOM’. Patrons can sit anywhere in the theatre and experience the DSM Hear Us Now(TM) enhanced listening system. Headsets are available at the Listening Device Stand in the West Lobby between aisles 5 & 6.  A major credit card or driver’s license is required as collateral. Due to the popularity of the FM Listening Devices (especially at matinees), please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to curtain to avoid disappointment.


DSM Hear Us Now Logo

Hear Us Now™

DSM offers a variety of hearing assist options for our special hearing need patrons.  All of these benefit from our “Hear Us Now” sound, specially processed for clarity enhancement.  For guests using hearing aids please consult with your hearing professional in advance to determine what features you have, to make sure they are properly enabled and adjusted, and that you know how to use them.

DSM listening options include:


With our improved acoustics and sound, you may find you can hear fine now without needing any hearing assist device.


Our new custom DSM headsets are lightweight, unobtrusive and offer clear powerful “HEAR US NOW” sound.  Obtain a set at the hearing assist desk, aisle 5.  Be sure and position a receiver in each ear.  You may wish to remove your hearing aids while using the DSM headset. 


If your hearing aid has T Loop capability, please obtain a T coil unit from the hearing assist desk, aisle 5.  Test with our T coil demonstrator before the show.  For best results, switch your hearing aid to T Loop only. (If you have difficulty with your T coil, you may find you can successfully use our improved headsets as an alternate.) 

4. FM
If your hearing aid includes FM reception, tune to Phonak channel 1 or equivalent. Be sure and turn off your hearing aid microphone. If you cannot turn off your microphone consider sitting in our “0pen Classroom” sections (see below) for maximum clarity. Phonak FM receivers may be synchronized to the proper channel by coming by our hearing assist desk (aisle 5) before the show (see below).


If you are a student using an “open classroom” compatible FM hearing aid or have FM capability with open mic, you will hear better sitting in our “FM Classroom Compatible” seating sections: Balcony Sections A, B, C, D; Rear Orchestra Sections B, C.  Your family or friends may sit with you.  When ordering tickets, please request seating in one of the sections listed.  Don’t forget to borrow the FM receiver from your school if necessary. Before the show, please go to the hearing assist desk on aisle 5 and synchronize your FM to the DSM Music Hall channel (Phonak-ch 1 ).   (If you have difficulty with your FM, you may find you can successfully use our new DSM headsets as an alternate.) 


If your streamer connects to external listening devices, such as an MP3 player, please bring it and your adapter cable furnished with the streamer to connect to a 3.5 mm MONO source receptacle.  (You can identify the proper plug because it will have 1, not 2, black bands.) Come to the hearing assist desk (aisle 5) to obtain a “Hear Us Now” sound source for use with your streamer.